I use a feature phone. Meanwhile, I have a smartphone as an mp3 player or a calendar. The feature phone is almost always available for phone calls because the battery last for almost a whole week, although its keyboard is inconvenient for texting.The smartphone is disconnected on purpose from the internet in my room and everywhere else other than the university. So, I am available for normal phone calls and emails, but not always for whatsapp messages, and almost never available for facebook messenger or instagram.

I carry tea, so that any random place can become a living room of mine, in which I entertain my guests.

Study spots:
Normally I am occupied in Bernoulliborg, otherwise I visit the library. When the library is not available, I go to the café in the hotel Corps de Garde. Recently, I discovered that Groningen Forum is very nice, too.

I avoid carbohydrate and embrace fat, since I have a clearer mind this way.
I stopped buying meat because I feel guilty contributing to those industries. They are, from what I heard, not so good for the planet. But as a guest, I happily accept effortfully prepared food even if it contains meat. So, I am a vegetarian at home, an omnivore as a guest.

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