Academic Projects

• Project Wallpaper Groups,
to prove with detailed explanation and illustration that there are precisely 17 wallpaper groups, su- pervised by Jaap Top at RUG.

• Project Ethical Analysis: Bio-engineering on Human Subjects,
to analyse whether bio-engineering on human subjects is morally justified using ethical and philosoph- ical theories, supervised by Kathinka Frieswijk at RUG.

• Project Bifurcation of Fixed Points,
to investigate the different types of bifurcations which a family of one-dimensional maps undergoes at a non-hyperbolic fixed point, supervised by Martijn Kluitenberg at RUG.

• Project Proof of the Routh-Hurwitz Test,
to express the proof the Routh-Hurwitz criterion in a less compact way and to verify the method with applications and illustrations, supervised by Bart Besselink at RUG.

• Project The Basel Problem,
to rigorously reproduce and compare different proving approaches of the solution of the Basel problem, supervised by Alef Sterk at RUG.

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